Washing instructions

How do I wash in the right way?

A skin shampoo has both cleansing and therapeutic properties. The skin shampoo should be used twice for optimal results. The first time for the cleansing effect at the start of a treatment or if the pet is very dirty. The second time immediately after with a soak time of 10 minutes to restore the skin barrier, bring moisture into the skin, cure skin infections and/or suppress itching. For a regular wash, without your pet having skin problems, one wash is sufficient, unless the dog is very dirty.

Tips for a pleasant washing experience:

  • Start at an early age to get positively used to washing.
  • Make sure you are relaxed yourself.
  • Brush the coat before each wash.
  • Has your dog never been washed before? First get your dog used to the washing area without actually washing him with water and reward him with affection, by playing or giving him a treat.
  • First get your dog used to the water by using a flannel or sponge. Only then get him used to the sound of the shower head. If the dog finds the water jet scary, use a sponge and rinse by pouring water over the animal (with a bucket or with the shampoo mixing bottle from Maxani).
  • If your dog does show fear or a startle reaction, do not give him any affection or comfort! This gives the dog confirmation that washing is indeed a scary event. Try not to react and remain calm yourself. Instead, distract the dog by playing or giving him a treat.  
  • Give your dog a tasty snack with, for example, the LickimatTM Splash or via a Kong containing frozen sausage.
  • Make sure the animal cannot slip and if necessary use a rubber mat or towel.

Washing is possible in various places and forms

In warm weather it is easy to wash your dog outside. In colder weather, it is best to wash in the bathtub or the shower. If it is not possible to wash your dog at home, there are special pet shops with a dog wash where you can wash your dog yourself. If you are not able to wash your dog at all, e.g. because the dog is extremely afraid, you can have your dog washed by a professional dog groomer.

How often do you wash?

Dogs with healthy skin only need to be washed when they are dirty and/or smelly. It is also advisable to get puppies used to washing at a young age. Dogs with skin problems need to be washed more frequently and regularly with the right shampoo. How often depends on the condition, the severity of the complaint and the purpose of the treatment. For severe skin problems, the skin shampoos can be used every day. Ralph Mueller (dermatologist) stresses that it is generally known that the effect of a skin shampoo lasts maximum 2 to 3 days. Always follow the advice of your own veterinarian. For animals with skin problems, the special skin shampoo is generally recommended at least three times a week for 2 to 3 weeks at the start of treatment. Thereafter, in consultation with your veterinarian, discuss how and when to reduce the shampoo therapy to a maintenance frequency of usually once a week.  


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