Maxani Eye skin cream

The cream lays a natural, protective layer over the red and irritated skin around the eyes and protects the skin from irritation from excess tear fluid, mucus and residues of eye medication. The cream protects, nourishes, moisturizes and intensively cares for the skin through the powerful combination of three particularly soothing substances. Helanthus Annuus seed oil contains plant sterols and sqyalene and helps improve the skin's barrier functions. Hamamelis soothes and helps relieve inflammation. Allantoin is a good exfoliant, soothing the skin and supporting the skin's natural healing ability. In addition, the cream is richly filled with despising and highly moisturizing substances such as honey, shea butter, panthenol, vitamin E and jojoba oil. Should the cream accidentally get into the eye it does not irritate. The cream does not contain irritating preservatives, alcohol and fragrances.


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