Maxani Tearstreak dietary supplement is a 100% natural product that cleanses the tear duct of dogs, cats and rabbits. It is specially designed to reduce tear streaks and discoloration of fur around the eyes and helps to remedy a blocked tear duct. Sometimes the tear duct can be deformed, causing dirt to accumulate in it. The remedy is therefore ideally suited for animals with short muzzles and cats with sneezing disease that suffer from chronic tear streaks. The supplement helps to support the pet's resistance. How the cure works is indicated on the label per weight category

Use: The liquid can be administered through the food or directly into the mouth. A measuring cup is included.

Dog up to 10 kg / cats : 5 ml per day
Dog 10-25 kg : 10 ml per day
Dog >25 kg : 15 ml per day

Administer daily for the first 14 days, then administer 3x per week for 1 month, then administer 2x per week for 1 month and finally administer 1x per week for the last month. The course of treatment thus lasts 3.5 months in total.
The product may only be used again after a 90-day break. The prescribed course of treatment can then be administered again.